Who we are

We are experts in solving problems using technology

We are a young, but experienced Portuguese company.

We have been in the market since 2013 and have helped dozens of companies to change the way they run their business.

Years of Life
7 Years
Average Years of Experience
17 Years

We select carefully and focus on the maintenance of our employees.

By carefully selecting our employees and investing in them, we ensure the stability of our teams, and the satisfaction of our customers.

Project Managers / Analysts
We’ve gathered profiles that make the difference; we’re a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team, including enginneers with strong technical capabilities, but also consultants, business analysts and project managers, with more than 20 years of expericence.

We are dedicated to the development of technological solutions, preferably using renowned Open Source tools, supported by a large human and technological ecosystem.

Challenges motivate us. We want to simplify your business.

"We are passionate by what we do and that is clear
in the solutions we create"


They mold us as professionals and partners

Transparency High Standards Simplicity Expertise


Transparency requires trust...
The transparency begins in the first contact. Our proposal is based on the solution story-board. Our focus is quality: quality of the solution, quality of the project, quality of the support provided. We are a small business. We do not have nine lives.


To do simple things is challenging...
A successful solution is simple: simple to explain, simple to understand and, most of all, simple to use. There are no second chances with users. A simple solution is a useful solution.

High Standards

High standards imply mobilization...
We know that two heads think better than one and it is only with the integration of business, consultancy and technical knowledge of future users of the application that it is possible to create good solutions. We are never satisfied.


Know-how is the basis of success...
Our know-how differentiates us: we know several industries and businesses and know how to mobilize that knowledge. We listen to users and involve them in all the steps of a solution conception. Our time is invested analyzing and understanding your business...and drawing with you the solution. We believe that this is our secret!

We would like to help you simplifying your business.

Shall we talk?