What we do

We bridge the gap between business
and technology like no other

What we do

We develop bespoke software solutions

We create solutions to solve our clients’ business challenges.
We do this based on proven Open Source technologies.
We use development accelerators, which allow us to focus on what’s relevant – your business.
We build your solution with you.

JamHub - develop bespoke sofware solutions
What we do


The speed at which business move today demands more and more the use of mobile apps, as a way to make a difference.

Our web based solutions are often complemented with a mobile app.


We work with transparency

Our commitment with the success of our applications is clear in the emphasis placed in the challenge definition and solution conception phases, even before the project adjudication. We are Transparent. Our customers know what they buy!


We collaborate with our clients

We invest in reflection on the challenge and in the design of the solution and we do it with you. Our approach allows us to involve our customers’ teams in all phases of the development of our applications.


We like challenges. We look for challenges!

Besides answering to our customers challenges, we develop our own products to address the business needs we identify in the market.

How we work

Development methodology

We are pragmatic….and our work approach reflects that.

Our methodology…
…provides our customers, at the beginning of a project, a clear perspective of the final product…

1. Define

We listen. Question. Investigate.
Challenges placed by our customers are the starting point. We listen and, especially, place the right questions, to ensure the required information to conceive and improve a solution is gathered.

3. Develop

We focus on the essential. We use development accelerators.
We focus in what we are different. Technology is not an end for us, but a mean to help our customers. Because change is never easy, we train teams and support the launch of the project.

2. Conceive

A prototype is design using a storyboard
We begin by designing a story board that shows exactly what the application will do. This tool allows business teams and users to easily adjust the application with us. Bespoken development is bound to mistakes and misunderstandings. Our approach allows our customers to know exactly what they are going to receive.

4. Evolve

Insatisfaction is our motor. We establish long partnerships with our customers.
Our projects do not end with the first implementation. We start by answering to key needs, evolving in time to new and more sophisticated challenges. We establish true partnerships with our customers.

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