The software that helps city councils offer efficient and high quality services to its citizens, while simultaneously ensuring a more effective and efficient management of the municipality processes.


Know your citizens Ensuring the quality of life of its citizens Ensuring business competitiveness Integrate, optimize and control the 
activity of the municipality

A city council’s mission is to serve its inhabitants – whether they are residents, companies, tourists, partners or suppliers, … – working with the ultimate goal of ensuring their quality of life or, in the case of companies, their competitiveness.

The fulfillment of this ambition implies, first and foremost, a deep knowledge of its citizens, the only way to create a successful relationship.

This is an extremely demanding challenge for such a complex and multifaceted organization, as a municipality, only possible with the integration and control of all municipal activity.



What sets PolisHUB apart


360º view of the citizen

Gathers all the data about the citizen and his/hers relationship with the city hall in a single point.

As a result we avoid having information about the citizens, repeated or not, spread by the distinct departments

Robust operations management

Completely integrated and automated, it expedites processes from the moment they are initiated until its integration with accounting.

The system goes beyond the boundaries of the city hall, allowing obtaining rulings from external entities (ex: Police Department, private company with a contract with the city, etc).”

Data exploitation

Combines non-systematic data (documents and images) with data systematized in a single database.

Enables simplified analysis and reporting through a set of statistics available in the application.

Perfect fit

It is highly configurable and adjustable to your city hall specific processes and procedures, thus fully responding to your organization’s current and future needs.

Ease of use

The interface follows the flow of the municipal processes; is highly intuitive and easy to use, which simplifies users training; it contains alerts and worklists to ensure that nothing is left behind.


Why PolisHUB


  • Access via Personal Computer, Smartphone, Tablet
  • Content and usability suitable for the device


  • Streamlining processes (for companies and individuals)
  • Visibility on the progress of your processes (user and other areas of the city hall)


  • Control of municipal objectives through activity indicators
  • Control of the operation status by indicators and alerts


  • Electronic internal actions (letters, opinions, etc.)
  • Electronic interaction with the exterior
  • Scanned physical documents; paper does not circulate


  • Fewer decision points
  • Less data (unstructured), better information
  • Automatic task allocation, elimination of unnecessary load distribution points


  • Collection of structured data at each point of the process.
  • End of duplication: elimination of delivery of the same data and documents in different iterations. Each data / document is only delivered once (according to its validity)
  • Data analysis; knowledge about the citizen and their relationship with the city council



The solution you need to optimize the management of your municipality

know to serve well

More knowledge. Better Decisions.

PolisHUB, know to serve well