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In this article we delve into some of the features of PolisHUB, with special focus on the integration of contact points (Face-to-face, Telephone and Online), an advantageous and even indispensable feature for the much needed and imperative Digital Transformation of Municipalities.

Do your municipalities run into complexity and lack of integration of contact points?


Nothing has been forgotten. For a 360º vision, PolisHUB brings together all data about the citizen and their relationship with the municipality in a single place. This avoids information about citizens and their interactions, whether on the same topic or not, being spread across different areas of the council. The resending of information already shared with the council is avoided. All points of contact (in person, telephone and online) are integrated and all citizen requests are accessible at a single point. PolisHUB makes it possible!

Challenges facing municipalities

At JamHUB Solutions we are committed to creating application solutions which solve our customers’ business challenges using technology. Municipalities today face a key challenge: ensuring the quality of life of their citizens; but citizens are “increasingly disengaged from political power in liberal democracies. They feel neglected by the political power and face the complexity of the governance system”(1).

In this sense, the reinforcement of the relationship with the citizen is the key, appearing associated with a simplification of processes, which ensures the ability of a Municipality to be more responsive to the expectations of its customers, be they citizens or companies. The objective is clear: to provide a faster, simpler, integrated and inclusive service and implies an increase in the control of its own activity, only possible through dematerialisation and simplification of processes.


To this end, we have developed an application solution that ensures a more efficient, intelligent and transparent operation, while maintaining respect for the principles of trust, transparency and data confidentiality and protection.

In other words, we combine the use of technology with the intelligent use of data and a strong sense of information organisation. We also guarantee the interoperability of systems, so that you can count on us in the digital transformation process of your municipality.

It is on the basis of these premises that we have developed

PolisHUB, a technological tool, which constitutes a solution for the digitalisation and optimisation of municipal processes.

“Ever since the widespread use of the Internet, the public sector has been providing information and electronic services to citizens and companies, initially without interactive capabilities (forms for downloading and printing) and later introducing increasingly sophisticated online completion and submission services.

In this journey, it soon became apparent that e-services should not simply be dematerialised versions of their face-to-face predecessors, but should exploit the full potential benefit of digital technologies to contribute to simplification, clarity and standardisation of the contact experience with the Public Administration (PA).” – Minister of State Modernisation and Public Administration

More recently, the pandemic has accelerated the need to find responses capable of making European economies and societies more sustainable, resilient and better prepared for the challenges and opportunities of green and digital transitions. The recovery and resilience mechanism will support reforms and investments in these dimensions, above all, to continue and accelerate the digital transformation of public administration.

In conclusion, we recall that it is €78 billion, seven years and the digitalisation of public administration to make it happen in this seaside country. “The ‘bazooka’ is there to help and so is PolisHUB”.

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(1) “Quality of local governance in Portugal”, Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation, Nov 2018

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