The software you need to manage the life cycle of your advertising equipment park, in its various locations.


Management of the entire life cycle of your locations Location acquisition management Structure installation management Campaign management Management and maintenance of the advertsing supports

The management of an Out-of-home advertising business, whether on the street, in shopping centers, at bus, train or subway stations, or in airports is demanding.

Identifying and capturing the right location is a good starting point, whose monetization requires the proper management of the support and the advertising campaigns to be placed in it.

Answering to this ambition requires maintaining a tight and constant control of the organization’s internal processes, a control that is extremely demanding and time consuming.


What sets OutAdHUB apart

Location Acquisition Management Management of the location acquisition procedures Registers all stages of the process

Location Acquisition Management

Management of the location acquisition procedures
Registers all stages of the process, as well as the fees or licenses to be paid.

Sales Management

The software supports the registration of the sale of the advertising support, whether in case of a loose sale, a network or a sub-network.

Existing occupations are shown in a planogram. It also supports the creation and presentation of price lists for the sale, production or display of advertisements.

Team Management

It includes a mobile app 100% integrated with OutAdHUB, which manages the application / removal of campaigns and the equipment maintenance on the ground.

Campaign Management

The software manages and registers the production of the advertising materials to be displayed, producing a display report, which includes photographs to demonstrate the display of the campaign and the respective communication to the customer.

Profitability Management​

OutAdHUB ensures the control of the overall profit of an equipment thanks to the accounting of not only revenue and taxes, but also labor costs.


Why OutAdHUB


  • Supports teams on the ground
  • Supports remote work
  • Contents, usability, and functionalities adjusted to the terminal and the context of the consultation


  • The client has visibility over its campaigns


  • Control of objectives and operation status through indicators and alerts


  • The external interaction is ensured electronically
  • All documents are digitalized, paperless communication
  • Electronic internal actions (maintenance requests, etc)


  • Less information, better information
  • Automatic task allocation


  • Knowledge about assets, customers, and campaigns



The solution you need to effectively manage the life cycle of your advertising equipment installed base.

More knowledge. Better Decisions.

OutAdHUB,  Assets Profitability Maximised