JamHUB Solutions launches TransplantHUB

JamHUB Solutions, a company of Óbidos Parque – Technology Park of Óbidos, has developed unique medical software, TransplantHUB, and is going international.

TransplantHUB was created to provide healthcare facilities with an integrated environment to manage all events associated with solid organ transplantation. To this end, it integrates donation and transplant workflows into one application, providing medical teams with all the information they need for their medical decisions while ensuring the coordination of all medical personnel, and simplifying communication between doctors and their patients.

The tool also has Artificial Intelligence, namely NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning) to facilitate the decision-making process of the medical team.

The innovative character and soundness of the project have ensured the approval of an internationalization project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. This past year, the TransplantHUB brand was created and registered at European and international level, its digital presence was developed with the creation of a website, in parallel with the launch of a digital marketing strategy and strong online presence.

JamHUB Solutions has participated in several conferences, such as the e-Health Summit, which took place in March and, most recently, in the conference hosted by the H-INNOVA – Health Innovation Hub, which is a partner, as part of the seminar’s panel of speakers, “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Health ”, which took place at the University of Madeira.

On the occasion, António Gonçalves, a partner of JamHUB Solutions, spoke about “Digital Transformation as a vehicle for better health care”, using as an example the work developed at TransplantHUB.


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