Public administration Digitital Transformation | “The ‘bazooka’ is here to help”. PolisHUB too!

Digitisation of public administration The bazooka is there to help

78 billion euros, seven years and the digitalisation of public administration to make it happen in this country by the sea. “The ‘bazooka’ is there to help” and so is PolisHUB. Our focus is clear!

We have built a tool centred on Local Councils and their needs, which will enable Public Administration to be unbureaucratic, dematerialised, with optimised, digitalised and automated internal processes.


Now we want all Portuguese municipalities to be able to use it, so that the digital transformation of the Public Administration becomes a reality.

The guidelines have been defined: the aim is to build a Portugal with a better demographic balance, greater inclusion, less inequality, more digital, more sustainable, more competitive and cohesive. In this context, PolisHUB is seen as a means to achieve the ambitions of the coming years.

By adopting PolisHUB your Municipality will be able to:

✅ Dematerialisation / Digitalisation

– That citizens and businesses interact digitally with the council; internally all process flows will be digital.

 360º vision of the municipality

– That information about the municipality as well as its relationship with the council are gathered in one place. Repeated information of the entity scattered throughout the organisation is avoided.

 Transparency and Simplification

– Track the progress of your processes, with automatic task allocation, fewer decision points, less information in circulation.

 Planning and Control

– Keeping track of the municipality and all the council’s activities, enabling better resource planning and decision making, controlling activities through indicators, audits and alerts.


– All citizens, companies and employees, will have access to the contents through any type of terminal either in person or remotely.

78 billion, seven years and the digitalisation of public administration to make it happen. PolisHUB has all the necessary functionalities to convert the investment into the desired result, in line with national and European objectives:

A Public Administration, unbureaucratised and dematerialised. With optimised, digitalised and automated internal processes!

We are completely available to demonstrate, gather and implement.

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