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TransplantHUB® at the 28th Transplantation Society Congress 

JamHUB Solutions was invited by DTI Foundation to participate in TTS2020 Virtual, the 28th edition of The Transplantation Society Congress (TTS).  TTS Congress takes place every 2 years, gathering healthcare professionals from all over the world; this year 3000 professionals were present, between scientists, investigators, and medical doctors, from 130 countries, for the first time online from their homes and workplaces.

It was with great pleasure that our partner and CTO, António Gonçalves, was a speaker in the session “New Technologies applied to solid organ”, a session created with the objective to share with the medical and scientific community emerging technologies and disruptive solutions to support their work. We presented TransplantHUB®, a software to manage the donation and transplantation processes, side by side with other innovative products as robots, organ transport solutions, etc.

What’s TransplantHUB®?

TransplantHUB® is a solution that provides an integrated environment to manage all the events associated with solid organ and tissue donation, procurement, and transplant, and that’s the reason why we presented at this Congress presented by The Transplantation Society.

Integrating all the workflow in a single application, TransplantHUB® offers medical teams all the information they need for decision making while ensuring simultaneously the coordination of all the medical staff, simplifying the communication between medical teams and these and their patients. 

António has highlighted two modules: the module to Support the Detection of Potential Donors and the module that Supports Organs Allocation which, together with the seamless integration of donation, procurement, transplant, and patients and donors (living) follow-up are the major novelties introduced by TransplantHUB® in the market.

TransplantHUB was created by the team by the team that developed, in Portugal, the Portuguese Transplantation Register (RPT), a platform with national scope, used by 50 hospitals and Institutions of the Health Minister, by medical doctors, nurses and technicians, that centralizes all the information available about the donation, procurement, and transplantation of organs and tissues in Portugal. The platform is in permanent evolution since it was put live in 2016. Today, we are still working on the Project, ensuring its integration with the hospital systems, and more novelties are planned for 2020.

How may we help?

We are prepared to support healthcare efforts, around the world, public or private, with TransplantHUB®, our software to manage the donation and transplantation workflows. Its management support, process reach and simplification, robustness, integration capabilities, and flexibility will provide a secure basis to ensure countries the confidence to scale their operations.

To find out more about how we, at TransplantHUB®, can help, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to arrange a meeting and demonstrate it further. Come and meet TransplantHUB®!

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